The Merit System 


Why we need it:

We are fortunate to have a bank account, but this requires that we develop a way to distribute our funds in a responsible manner.

How the Merit system works:

All activities that involve personal contributions from TWS members which allows TWS to fulfill the purposes defines in the bylaws will be assigned a point value by the members of the executive board.

Members of TWS may earn points for participating in TWS events which require personal contributions to the group.

The events can be used as a tool to measure the personal contributions that each individual has given to the group. When opportunities arise to use TWS funds for financial assistance to conferences, ect., or when limited number if TWS members may participate in an event at one time, those who have contributed the most to the group will receive priority in receiving TWS funds or seats in an event.


Values for TWS events:

Refuge work days: 1 point per hour

Aging station: 6 pts. per day

Whistle counts: 4 pts. per morning

Workshops: 2 pts.

Meetings: 2 pts.

Other activities will receive values as they come up.

*Note:  Any one member may accumulate a maximum of 18 points in any one activity category.  This will encourage members to participate in a variety of events.